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MessageSujet: THE GOOD FRIDAY   Lun 17 Mar - 8:56

The Good Friday

The Good Friday is the last Lent’s day. It’s an all Christian’s feast more precisely catholic. Archbishops, priests and all catholic Christians, in the morning, go to walk in procession of the way of the cross. They day prayers, sing and make the Stations of the Cross on the street that their leads to suffering on the cross. There, they say a last prayer for to close the Lent’s day.

In the afternoon, they go to the church for the cross’s adoration and the celebration’s priest put the altar’s tablecloth of.

Usually they wear the t-shirt, blouse, jean, jeans skirts, tennis or shoes and kepi, cap or hat.

Like the thanksgiving in the USA where they celebrate at harvest time, they prepare special food (real time America book three). In Haiti, for to celebrate the Good Friday, in many country’s area, they prepare special food. In the past, specially at Cam-Perrin in the Haiti’s south, a traditional meal is milk chocolate, eggs, cassava or bread of manioc, yams, green bananas, potatoes and other vegetables, salted cod with palmist sauce, fish and salads. The palmist is a tree that symbolizes the independence of Haiti.

Nowadays, they eat milk, eggs, cheeses, a few vegetables, salads, brown rice, fresh fish sauce or cod sauce, bread.

They still drink orange juice, lemon and other juice. They never eat meat.

It’s really different the new year where their special food is pumpkin soup, turkey sauce or Creole chicken sauce, brown rice, salads, cake, potatoes cheese, juice. The pumpkin soup reminds us the pumpkin soup of Haiti’s independence. Ms Claire Heureuse, the Dessalines’s wife, has prepared for the celebration of country’s independence. It’s the period of carnival holiday.

Thanksgiving is an important public holiday in the USA and Canada. It’s a time for families together and enjoy a special meal. The history of thanksgiving dates back to the 17th century, when people left England and went to America in search of religious freedom. At the first, it was very difficult and many people died. When things got better, they celebrated and gave thanks (real time America book three).

The Good Friday or Lent’s day, it’s also the period of rara. They wear the special cloches and they disguise. The rara’s groups of music make the parades in the streets more often on the night. The rara’s feast it’s a very special period in Leogane, a common in the country’s west.

The Good Friday is a meditation’s day for the Christians. It’s different of Christmas day that a feast of family and friendly and also a gaiety and cutting feast.

Marguerite Voltaire Harlem
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